Friday, July 2, 2010

On The Blame Game, the Global Warming Myth, and Why Both Distract Us From Enacting Needed Change

I love this article. A Golbal Warming supporter saying a University's investigation refutes the accusations of scientists' tampering with evidence. Well, gee, most universities have liberal leanings, that has been proven, and on top of it, they stand to make tons of research dollars off Global Warming research, so is it any surprise they find a scientist innocent?

It's just more of the same posturing back and forth. I have yet to see any evidence that convinces me of Global Warming as a fact, rather than an opinion or interpretation. I do not deny that humankind's activities have impacted the environment. Nor do I deny that many of those impacts have been negative. However, that does not prove Global Warming exists. It proves environmental impact exists. Is that really news to anyone?

The Bible does hold us accountable for being caretakers of God's creation and certainly we have not done a very good job in many cases. Mangroves and beach fronts are developed without regard for environmental impact to bring in resorts and tourists all the time. Factories create sludge piles or dump in rivers and ponds all the time without regard to the impact on wildlife or soil. These things have been going on for generations. The results are deteriorating natural development in such areas and often the destruction of habitats and even species. Is anyone really in favor of that if it could be avoided?

On the other hand, as the higher creature biblically, man has claimed certain dominion for himself, and I'd dare say the majority of the bleeding heart Global Warmists would think twice before giving up their creature comforts for environmental preservation -- unless of course they were harangued into it by the press.

It's so easy to point at the other guy and say blame him. Just look at the Obama Administration. They've been blaming BP for the oil spill for over a month and sent no government resources and personnel to clean it up. Not their fault, why should they? Forget the destruction the delay has allowed and contributed to. Bush was blamed for not responding fast enough to hurricane damage, but this is manmade and where's Obama? Isn't environmentalism important to his base? The Republicans do the same thing. All of a sudden it's Obama's fault for the failing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hey, I support both wars, but even I wish we'd done them better. I don't think Obama is doing any better than Bush's team at handling them, but saying it's Obama's fault seems a little silly.

In the end, the blame game is pointless. The reality is that something which might be done to combat damage or even prevent it is not happening because people with the power to enact change are too busy placing blame on someone else.

To me, that's what Global Warming is: placing blame on big business and other interests, anyone but themselves. We are all, in the end, responsible for damaging the environment. Every time we use a resort built over a mangrove or enjoy vacations at cabins developed in natural wilderness. Does that make us gross offenders? No. But in our way, we have supported it. Blaming others for being worse than us does nothing but keep us from doing anything to help change things, and if we want it to change, we must all join together to make that change a reality.

Whatever term you apply to it, we have damaged our Earthly home, and some of that damage will never be undone. But some it can be stopped and some restoration occur, if we stop fighting over who's right and who's wrong and start agreeing to make efforts to lessen damages and improve the environment. Can't we all at least agree on the need for that? One has only to look around to see the reality that parks are less large and less common in urban areas. To see that trees and animals are less frequent in the wild. That even birds seem to struggle more and more finding food and water in many places. We can see the residue of pollution coating nature. We're not all blind, so we shouldn't pretend to be.

I think the time has come to stop the blame and join the change game. For what it's worth...

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