Friday, December 24, 2010

New Feature: Links Of The Week

I tweet a lot of links and such as I come across worthwhile stuff throughout the week. I've decided to start listing the best of them here so that those who don't use Twitter or don't keep up with all the links have a chance to track them down later.  I hope you enjoy this.  Links are listed followed by a brief description. Where they relate to posts on this blog, it's noted.  Enjoy! -- interesting examination of the importance of not taking scientific studies at face value. -- the way any man would want to be welcomed, ladies. -- Locus magazine's updated list of most award winning and losing Science Fiction and Fantasy writers. -- reviewer Paul Goat Allen's annual Barnes & Noble list of Year's Best Fantasy for 2010. Features books by several friends and others, several of which are reviewed on this blog. [See them under the hastag 'Review'] -- Paul Goat Allen's Best Steampunk of 2010 list from Barnes & Noble's site. Again, relevant book reviews may be viewed on this blog. -- interesting article on growing up fundamentalist...pagan. Examines how such strong beliefs effect a writer's work. -- unearthed lost photos of the first aircraft carrier. Fascinating for history and aviation buffs.

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