Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Science Fiction And Fantasy Writer's Chat 1/12/11 with Marian Schembari

2:01 amsffwrtcht:Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Writer?s Chat. #sffwrtcht
2:02 amsffwrtcht:Our goal is to talk w/ writers, editors, & others abt the craft of writing, specifically related to writing speculative fiction. #sffwrtcht
2:03 amsffwrtcht:Our format is round table discussion but please restrict questions to writing craft, business of writing #sffwrtcht
2:03 amsffwrtcht:Please wait until your question gets answered to ask another & use the hashtag #sffwrtcht for all questions and comments.
2:03 amsffwrtcht:I appreciate your participation and hope you find this enjoyable and informative. #sffwrtcht
2:04 amdesignblahg:@MarianSchembari what the heck is that? #sffwrtcht
2:04 amsffwrtcht:Next Wed our guest will be author Mike Resnick. But tonight we welcome @MarianSchembari Marian, thanks for being here #sffwrtcht
2:04 ammarianschembari:@sffwrtcht Thank YOU! Nice to be here :) #sffwrtcht
2:05 ammarianschembari:@designblahg Writer's chat for sci-fi and fantasy :) We're talking about publicity and social media for authors #sffwrtcht
2:05 amshadowflame1974:@MarianSchembari welcome and glad you could join us #sffwrtcht
2:05 amBryanThomasS:If you're following along on Tweetchat, there is a delay, just be patient please #sffwrtcht #sffwrtcht
2:06 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Oh good! I thought that was just me #sffwrtcht
2:06 amBryanThomasS:So @MarianSchembari Tell us a little about yourself. You worked with a major house for a while, right? #sffwrtcht
2:07 ammarianschembari:@BryanThomasS I worked for a boutique PR agency specializing in publishing, but have freelanced with HarperCollins #sffwrtcht
2:08 amdesignblahg:@MarianSchembari ooh, sexy! Thanks as I must know what all hashtags everywhere mean :) #sffwrtcht
2:08 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari And now you have an independent consulting business primarily with authors, correct? #sffwrtcht
2:08 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass I started off working primarily with authors, but now I work with a variety of creative people. Photogs, designers #sffwrtcht
2:09 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari Cool. So why don't you explain a little bit about what you do #sffwrtcht
2:09 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass I basically help anyone looking to pimp their work use social media to gain exposure, develop an audience, etc. #sffwrtcht
2:10 ammarianschembari:I do that by teaching the basics, building profiles, maintaining presence, etc. #sffwrtcht
2:10 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari Great. How important do you think author platforms are to successful marketing in fiction? #sffwrtcht
2:12 ammarianschembari:You can't market without a platform. Period. Selling books is a biz and no one will know your book exists unless you market it #sffwrtcht
2:12 amBryanThomasS:By the way, @MarianSchembari is coming to us from New Zealand tonight. #sffwrtcht
2:12 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Hell yeah! It's Thursday here. I'm from the future. #sffwrtcht
2:12 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari What are the key elements of an author platform? #sffwrtcht
2:12 amjasonsanford:@MarianSchembari @BryanThomasS Can you touch on some things authors shouldn't do with social media. #sffwrtcht
2:13 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari Give our best to the Hobbits #sffwrtcht
2:14 ammarianschembari:@BryanThomasS If you're on social media you have to: Be active, have a voice, actually have conversations with people.... #sffwrtcht
2:14 ammarianschembari:... and put yourself out there. #sffwrtcht
2:14 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari So take as much interest in them as you want them to take in you or close? #sffwrtcht
2:14 ammarianschembari:@jasonsanford You shouldn't promote yourself 24/7. That's the big one and I see too many authors making that mistake. #sffwrtcht
2:15 ammarianschembari:Ppl find out what you do if what you say online is interesting. They WON'T if all u talk about is yr work #sffwrtcht
2:15 amjasonsanford:@MarianSchembari Excellent point. #sffwrtcht
2:15 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass No, that's exactly it. If you don't make an effort to talk to people, no one is going to talk to you #sffwrtcht
2:15 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari So a more subtle promotional approach is better than blasting people links to buy your book? #sffwrtcht
2:16 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Always. Have a link to your book or website in your bio and OCCASIONALLY update folks on news. #sffwrtcht
2:16 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari I've heard it said social media and the internet could be the great equalizer of marketing for small presses #sffwrtcht
2:16 ammarianschembari:Then talk to people about their dogs or kids or that last book your read. What you did today. What you're working on #sffwrtcht
2:17 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Definitely. It could even push small presses beyond. The big publishers often break the "don't over-promote" rule. #sffwrtcht
2:17 ammarianschembari:@jasonsanford Thanks ;) #sffwrtcht
2:18 ammarianschembari:@melissabreau Lol. Good stuff #sffwrtcht
2:18 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari So to relate to people in a normal, friendly way is the key. #sffwrtcht
2:18 amlouisbshalako:...sorry, I should put the tag on the end> #sffwrtcht
2:18 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Correct. #sffwrtcht
2:19 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass You should never underestimate the power of people who buy your stuff just because they want to support you #sffwrtcht
2:19 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari So what's the best time for an author to start building that platform in relation to book street date? #sffwrtcht
2:19 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass You build that support by building a following online. #sffwrtcht
2:20 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass I'd say 6 months is ideal, but there's nothing wrong with starting earlier (even if the book is just a pipe dream!) #sffwrtcht
2:20 amSariWebb:how do u go abt getting th initial following? U start your blog & start your twitter a/c but at the start neither have followers? #sffwrtcht
2:20 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari What are the key elemenets of a social media campaign? Besides just chatting, blog tours? Guest blogging? #sffwrtcht
2:21 ammarianschembari:Also, if book is comes out 2morrow, u can still start online now. Great thing about th internet is old movies/books come up a lot #sffwrtcht
2:21 amBryanThomasS:@SariWebb @jasonsanford Great questions. Thanks for joining us #sffwrtcht
2:21 ammarianschembari:Guest blogging is HUGE. You can tap into an new community. But make sure your post is relevant and you stand out to the blogger #sffwrtcht
2:22 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari How does one go about getting invited to guest blog? #sffwrtcht
2:22 ammarianschembari:I always find a blog I want to write, follow them on Twitter, connect on LinkdIn, leave comments, then offer a post 1 month later #sffwrtcht
2:22 ammarianschembari:Giveaways are also good too. Especially for self-published authors on Goodreads. That's always worked for my clients #sffwrtcht
2:23 ammarianschembari:@sariwebb Correct. It takes a decent amount of time to build those followers. That's why I say 6 months #sffwrtcht
2:23 amBryanThomasS:RT @SariWebb: how do u go abt getting th initial following? U start your blog & start ur twitter but neither have followers? #sffwrtcht
2:23 amalexisgrant:@MarianSchembari What's #sffwrtcht?
2:24 amBryanThomasS:@alexisgrant Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's chat #sffwrtcht
2:24 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass It's hard to get a gig at a big blog unless you know someone. But with social media it's easy to make friends #sffwrtcht
2:24 amSariWebb:Is it necessary to have some sort of following already in order to do a guest blog? #sffwrtcht
2:24 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari Okay, so how do you do what you do? If an author or artist wants your help, what steps do u take? #sffwrtcht
2:24 ammarianschembari:@sariwebb I'd also spend some time listening first. See what other ppl are talking about. What relevant people tweet or FB about #sffwrtcht
2:25 amJanetNorCal:2/2 be part of a conversation that's reader to reader. #sffwrtcht Perhaps I'm just speaking for myself @MarianSchembari altho free is gd :)
2:25 ammarianschembari:@alexisgrant Writer's chat for sci-fi/fantasy authors #sffwrtcht
2:25 ammarianschembari:@janetnorcal Hmm, I've helped a few self-pubbed authors develop a pretty big following through Goodreads. Readers are readers #sffwrtcht
2:25 amtoderash:RT @marianschembari: Ppl find out what you do if what you say online is interesting. They WON'T if all u talk about is yr work #sffwrtcht
2:26 amBryanThomasS:louisbshalako Louis, please ask again using this hashtag #sffwrtcht
2:26 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Depends if they're using social media already or not. If yes, I do an audit, or critique. #sffwrtcht
2:26 amBryanThomasS:@JanetNorCal Thanks for joining us! :) #sffwrtcht
2:26 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass If no, I build their profiles, find them relevant ppl to follow/engage with. Even give them sample tweets or posts #sffwrtcht
2:27 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari So you incorporate blog,twitter, fb, goodreads, all of it simultaneously? #sffwrtcht
2:27 amJaleta_Clegg:#sffwrtcht What group other than Goodreads would you suggest to an author? What are the best ones to join?
2:28 amJaleta_Clegg:#sffwrtcht What do you look for in an author's profile? Good? Bad?
2:28 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Usually. Depends on their budget and time constraints. I'm not gonna lie, it's time consuming. You need patience #sffwrtcht
2:28 amBryanThomasS:@Jaleta_Clegg Nice to have you back again tonight. #sffwrtcht
2:28 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass I'm also a big fan of LinkedIn for authors. Not super conventional, but it has potential if you do it right #sffwrtcht
2:29 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari WHAT?! PATIENCE?! *jaw drops as he shakes his head* LOL #sffwrtcht
2:29 amshadowflame1974:@MarianSchembari are forums a good place to also meet people? #sffwrtcht
2:29 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari Do you have any realistic metrics for us on what constitutes success over a certain period? #sffwrtcht
2:29 ammarianschembari:@shadowflame1974 Depends. I've never used them, but I've heard authors who develop a great support network. #sffwrtcht
2:29 ammarianschembari:@shadowflame1974 Not sure how good they are for selling though... #sffwrtcht
2:30 amJFHilborne:@MarianSchembari @bryanthomass : Haven't tried LinkedIn for my writing, although I have an account. Any success? #sffwrtcht
2:30 amBryanThomasS:@JFHilborne I have been slowly adding publishing ppl to mine, from authors to others. #sffwrtcht
2:30 amshadowflame1974:@MarianSchembari well followers of other writers would be a start for Twitter and fb right? #sffwrtcht
2:30 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Success is entirely dependent on your goals. Try not to focus on numbers and instead milestones #sffwrtcht
2:30 amJFHilborne:@Jaleta_Clegg : I like shelfari and yahoo online groups related to my genre #sffwrtcht
2:31 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari Can you give us an example of what milestones might be? #sffwrtcht
2:31 amJaleta_Clegg:@JFHilborne Thanks. I should go to Shelfari more often. It's a time thing, though. #sffwrtcht
2:31 ammarianschembari:i.e., If you want to speak a writer's conference or guest post on a publisher's blog. You can make that happen w/ soc media #sffwrtcht
2:31 amJanetNorCal:Agreeing to disagree altho I have friends who have won & enjoyed sharing books they won on goodreads #sffwrtcht @MarianSchembari
2:31 ammarianschembari:It's hard to say "I want to sell x books using Twitter." It's almost impossible to measure that #sffwrtchtBetter to pick personal goals
2:32 amJFHilborne:@Jaleta_Clegg : They're all a time suck but worth it. I try to allot segments of time for writing and promoting #sffwrtcht
2:32 ammarianschembari:@sariwebb Not at all! That's the great thing about it. You just need to know the person who runs the blog. #sffwrtcht
2:32 amJaleta_Clegg:@BryanThomasS I'm usually here, but lurking. #sffwrtcht
2:32 amBryanThomasS:@Jaleta_Clegg Yes, but I like to say hi to the ones who type... :) #sffwrtcht
2:33 amBryanThomasS:@JRobinsonAuthor has been very successful as an independent author and told me he sets aside 25% of each work day to market #sffwrtcht
2:33 ammarianschembari:@jaleta_clegg Besides the big social media sites, you mean? Goodreads is the really only useful site in my opinion (for authors) #sffwrtcht
2:33 amBryanThomasS:Despite the fact that marketing is not his favorite thing. #sffwrtcht
2:34 amSariWebb:By visiting the blog regularly & leaving thoughtful comments there's potential 4 a guest post, regardless of your own following #sffwrtcht
2:34 ammarianschembari:@jaleta_clegg Good: Interests, passion about books, fun fact. Bad: Third person, only lists book title IN ALL CAPS #sffwrtcht
2:34 ammarianschembari:@jaleta_clegg Also? No one really gives cares when your book was published (unless it's upcoming, then it's different) #sffwrtcht
2:34 amJaleta_Clegg:@MarianSchembari What areas of Goodreads are the best for authors? I participate in several groups, but not much just surfing. #sffwrtcht
2:34 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari OK, so my book's been out a while. What can I do in between to keep the interest for the next project? #sffwrtcht
2:36 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Just keep taking to people! This stuff isn't stuff you do before publication and forget about it. #sffwrtcht
2:36 amBryanThomasS:RT @MarianSchembari: @jaleta_clegg I've only used it for giveaways. I'd honestly use Twitter of FB over Goodreads any day. #sffwrtcht
2:37 amJFHilborne:@BryanThomasS : I need to look into it and do the same. Never thought of LinkedIn for writing contacts. #sffwrtcht
2:37 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari Do you recommend your clients devote a certain amount of time to marketing? #sffwrtcht
2:37 amAustinWulf:@marianschembari How might I go about getting people interested in guest posting to my blog? #sffwrtcht
2:37 amBryanThomasS:@JFHilborne Feel free to find me on there. I added you on Goodreads. #sffwrtcht
2:39 amJaleta_Clegg:@AustinWulf I just ask in the different writer's group for guest bloggers or authors to interview. Most are happy to oblige. #sffwrtcht
2:39 amBryanThomasS:RT @MarianSchembari: LinkedIn: Create a "job" that is, in fact, ur book. Hv ppl who've read it leave a "recommendatn" as a review #sffwrtcht
2:39 amalexisgrant:Book peeps: @MarianSchembari is giving some great tips on #socialmedia marketing for authors at #sffwrtcht. Lurk 2 learn. (Or participate.)
2:39 amJFHilborne:@BryanThomasS : I'll look for you after this chat. Got your connect on Goodreads, thx much #sffwrtcht
2:39 amBryanThomasS:@alexisgrant Thanks. #socialmedia #sffwrtcht
2:39 amBryanThomasS:RT @MarianSchembari: @bryanthomass The great thing about it is that you can tailor it to your goals. #sffwrtcht
2:40 amBryanThomasS:Great questions everyone! Keep em coming. #sffwrtcht
2:41 amJFHilborne:RT @alexisgrant: Book peeps: @MarianSchembari is giving some great tips on #socialmediamarketing for authors at #sffwrtcht. Lurk 2 learn. (Or participate.)
2:41 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari Leave out the a #sffwrtcht
2:41 amBryanThomasS:RT @MarianSchembari: Use it in ways you can't use Twitter: Meaning you have more characters and comments stick around for longer #sffwrtcht
2:42 amJFHilborne:@BryanThomasS :Create a "job" that is, in fact, ur book. Hv ppl who've read it leave a "recommendatn" as a review <---great idea #sffwrtcht
2:42 amBryanThomasS:@JFHilborne I give Marian credit for that one. I retweeted it. #sffwrtcht
2:43 amBryanThomasS:RT @MarianSchembari: Post photos from events, get creative with discussions, add the occasional news or blog post &you're golden. #sffwrtcht
2:43 amBryanThomasS:RT @BryanThomasS: @JFHilborne I give Marian credit for that one. I retweeted it. #sffwrtcht
2:43 amBryanThomasS:RT @MarianSchembari: FB, while less organic, has the most potential out of all the sites #sffwrtcht
2:44 amBryanThomasS:Sorry guys, we have an extra letter in a hashtag being used sometimes. It's #sffwrtcht with no 'a' please.
2:44 amshadowflame1974:@MarianSchembari #sffwrtcht Why does Fb have the most potential?
2:45 ammarianschembari:@shadowflame1974 Because comments can be longer, there are more multimedia opportunities AND comments stick around for more time #sffwrtcht
2:45 amlouisbshalako:Honestly, how do I get people to read read my blog? Free stories? Boring shop talk? Weird jokes? #sffwrtcht
2:45 amBryanThomasS:RT @MarianSchembari: Bc comments can be longer, there R more multimedia opportunities & comments stick around fr more time #sffwrtcht
2:46 ammarianschembari:Sorry guys! Was using the wrong hashtag, am such a dope: #sffwrtcht
2:46 amJFHilborne:@BryanThomasS @MarianSchembari : THx both, I'm gonna try it #sffwrtcht
2:46 amMerc_hyn_di:Lurking, but enjoying 'listening' to #sffwrtcht with @MarianSchembari
2:47 amBryanThomasS:@Merc_hyn_di Ur such a lurker, Mercer (murker) #sffwrtcht
2:47 ammarianschembari:@louisbshalako It took me well over a year to get a decent readership. My number one source of traffic? Twitter, baby #sffwrtcht
2:47 ammarianschembari:@louisbshalako Guest posting has also been huge. I get around 20 new subscribers each time I write one #sffwrtcht
2:48 ammarianschembari:@louisbshalako Also, the blog needs to be readable. Haven't read yours, but short posts w/ subheading are always the way to go #sffwrtcht
2:48 ammarianschembari:@merc_hyn_di I love lurkers. Well, not always, but in this case... #sffwrtcht
2:49 amshadowflame1974:@MarianSchembari what about photos and images. Does that catch people's eye? #sffwrtcht
2:49 amJFHilborne:@BryanThomasS @MarianSchembari :Agree about longevity. One twit, sorry, tweet, and it's gone. But I do love Twitter for the speed #sffwrtcht
2:49 amBryanThomasS:About 10 minutes left. Get those questions in. #sffwrtcht
2:49 amJaleta_Clegg:@louisbshalako I post recipes on Thursdays on my blog, book reviews/author interviews/writing stuff on Mondays. #sffwrtcht
2:49 amSariWebb:What do you find is the most effective way to increase Twitter followers? #sffwrtcht
2:49 amJFHilborne:@louisbshalako : Start with an attention grabbing title for each post, one they just have to read #sffwrtcht
2:49 amJaleta_Clegg:@MarianSchembari What about blogging things that aren't necessarily related to what you write? Good or bad? #sffwrtcht
2:49 ammarianschembari:@shadowflame1974 Definitely. We're visual people, images are great for blogs, FB groups, etc. #sffwrtcht
2:50 ammarianschembari:@shadowflame1974 I had one author take pictures of things that might have been in her book: Characters, houses, etc #sffwrtcht
2:50 amBryanThomasS:I have found that just provided valuable content from stories to links to blogs to advice brings interest. #sffwrtcht
2:50 amJFHilborne:@Jaleta_Clegg : Good, lets readers see another side of you, can't all be about wrting #sffwrtcht.
2:51 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari Marian, how can we find you outside of twitter and learn more about the service you offer? #sffwrtcht
2:51 ammarianschembari:@jaleta_clegg Good. Depends. Usually good. Folks may or may not care about writing, but they may care about your cat photos ;-) #sffwrtcht
2:51 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari Of course, we all want to go to NZ and meet face to face... #sffwrtcht
2:51 ammarianschembari:@jaleta_clegg You can write about ASPECTS in your writing. Does a character cook? Write a recipe & guest post on a cooking site! #sffwrtcht
2:52 amalexisgrant:@shadowflame1974 I find photos get the most traction of anything on Facebook in particular. Always spark comments & conversation. #sffwrtcht
2:52 amSariWebb:Are you living in NZ Marian? Or just visiting? I just moved from Auckland to Melbourne #sffwrtcht
2:52 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Revamping my services at the mo, but my profile critiques are up and you can check them out here #sffwrtcht
2:52 amBryanThomasS:@SariWebb She just moved from London #sffwrtcht
2:52 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Duh ;-) #sffwrtcht
2:53 ammarianschembari:@jfhilborne Exactly. And who wants to write about writing after they've been writing all day?! #sffwrtcht
2:53 amJFHilborne:@MarianSchembari @jaleta_clegg : Just don't blog about personal ailments. Amazes me people do. I want to read fun or helpful #sffwrtcht
2:53 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari Yeah, obvious, right? But a lot of writers I talk to don't get that. Valuable content is beyond chatter #sffwrtcht
2:54 ammarianschembari:@sariwebb Post really awesome content. Post more than 3 times per day. Talk to one new person every day. Follow 5 new ppl #sffwrtcht
2:54 amJaleta_Clegg:@JFHilborne I set a goal not to tweet about the weather or my health. Find something else to talk about. #sffwrtcht
2:54 amJFHilborne:@MarianSchembari : 'zactly. There's more to all of us multi-talented folks :) #sffwrtcht
2:54 amAustinWulf:@MarianSchembari How useful is LinkedIn for finding freelance gigs? #sffwrtcht
2:55 amBryanThomasS:@AustinWulf I've actually had more luck with Twitter for finding freelance gigs #sffwrtcht
2:55 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass You're right. TIP: Meet as many tweeps in person as you can. Don't get kidnapped, tho. #sffwrtcht
2:55 amJanetNorCal:Agree w/pictures #sffwrtcht ... like it when authors tweet about TV reality shows or Downton Abbey @MarianSchembari
2:55 ammarianschembari:@austinwulf About 50% of my clients come from LinkedIn. I'm connected to EVERYONE and I make an effort to answer Qs. #sffwrtcht
2:56 amJFHilborne:@Jaleta_Clegg : Same here. I don't mind blogs on helpful issues or inspirational health related, just not drony daily stuff #sffwrtcht
2:56 amAustinWulf:@BryanThomasS Clients contact you via Twitter or you find the gigs on here? #sffwrtcht
2:56 amBryanThomasS:@AustinWulf Contact me here and I meet them here. #sffwrtcht
2:56 ammarianschembari:@jfhilborne Unless, of course, you have said ailment, then you can learn lots ;-) #sffwrtcht
2:57 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari There is definitely a difference between commiserating and droning on and on. @JFHilborne #sffwrtcht
2:58 amBryanThomasS:Okay, final questions. #sffwrtcht
2:58 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass For sure. My point is that blogging is intensely personal. You'll never believe what blogs get thousands of readers #sffwrtcht
2:58 amJFHilborne:@MarianSchembari : This is true, but unless it helps others, I'd do it on a personal message rather than a public blog #sffwrtcht
2:59 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari Oh I agree. I think an occasional boring post is tolerable but those whose content captures me I keep reading #sffwrtcht
2:59 amlouisbshalako:How do I get people to ask a question? #sffwrtcht
2:59 amBryanThomasS:Okay, Marian, any final advice or suggestions? #sffwrtcht
2:59 ammarianschembari:@jfhilborne Blogging is like reality TV. Sometimes it's WEIRD what ppl post, but you'd be surprised how many folks eat it up! #sffwrtcht
2:59 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Content is kind and all that ;-) #sffwrtcht
3:00 amJFHilborne:@BryanThomasS @MarianSchembari : hee hee, yes there is. Perhaps we could blog about the difference ;) #sffwrtcht
3:01 amBryanThomasS:For those who didn't see it, I've postd a schedl thru April of guests at the blog & transcripts for ea chat #sffwrtcht
3:01 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass If you're all skeptical about social media, people can tell. #sffwrtcht
3:01 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Remember it's supposed to be FUN and you can talk about whatever. Don't over think it #sffwrtcht
3:02 amBryanThomasS:@MarianSchembari great advice. Thanks for being with us tonight (or tomorrow afternoon) #sffwrtcht
3:02 ammarianschembari:@bryanthomass Nice to be here! You guys were awesome :) #sffwrtcht
3:02 ammarianschembari:I need lunch now... #sffwrtcht
3:03 amJaleta_Clegg:#sffwrtcht Great chat tonight. Thanks for guesting, @marianschembari Nice to meet you here.
3:03 amAustinWulf:The posts on my blog that get the most views and comments aren't about writing craft, which is the blanket subject. #sffwrtcht #food4thought
3:03 amBryanThomasS:Don't forget. @ResnickMike next Wed 9 pm EST and you can find @MarianSchembari online #sffwrtcht
3:03 ammarianschembari:@jaleta_clegg Right back atcha! #sffwrtcht
3:03 amJFHilborne:@MarianSchembari @bryanthomass : Geat chat tonight, thank you somuch. Off to find dinner, might blog about it later ;) #sffwrtcht
3:03 amsffwrtcht:Thanks everyone for being with us tonight and having great questions #sffwrtcht
3:03 amshadowflame1974:@MarianSchembari Thanks for the great advice! #sffwrtcht
3:03 amMerc_hyn_di:Great #sffwrtcht @MarianSchembari @BryanThomasS Thanks!
3:03 amjasonsanford:RT @BryanThomasS: Don't forget. @ResnickMike next Wed 9 pm EST and you can find @MarianSchembari online #sffwrtcht
3:03 amSariWebb:Bye @marianschembari. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I hope you're enjoying NZ. #sffwrtcht
3:03 amshadowflame1974:RT @BryanThomasS: Don't forget. @ResnickMike next Wed 9 pm EST and you can find @MarianSchembari online #sffwrtcht
3:05 amAustinWulf:@MarianSchembari @BryanThomasS #sffwrtcht Many-thanks for the chat session :)
3:05 amBryanThomasS:@AustinWulf Any time. I'll check out your blog. It's easier to get guests than you think. Harder to find chances to guest... #sffwrtcht
3:05 amJaleta_Clegg:#sffwrtcht Good night everyone! Time to get kids off to bed. Thanks for the chat.
3:06 amAustinWulf:@BryanThomasS Thanks! I'm hoping do do both in the near future. #sffwrtcht
3:08 amsffwrtcht:Be sure & check out the transcripts at share them w/ friends. Love to hear your comments too #sffwrtcht
3:08 amBryanThomasS:Be sure & check out the transcripts at share them w/ friends. Love to hear your comments too #sffwrtcht

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