Sunday, May 22, 2011

Links of The Week Vol. 2 Issue 9 -- Juliette Wade on subtle bias in language and how it effects people's reactions to the text in job listings, etc. Food for thought.

A very helpful post on marketing books for authors from @yukongraham via Twitter: 

Helpful post from my friend Sam Sykes (Tome Of the Undergates, Black Halo) on the pitfalls of the road to publication:

A 22-year old performance poet, Sarah Kay, delivers an amazing oration dedicated to her daughter & more:

Resource for Writers: Dictionary of Military terminology:

My buddy @eruditeogre reviews Sam Sykes' Black Halo for Functional Nerds, a book I'll be reviewing this week:

My buddy Jamie Todd Rubin writes for on time travel:

And lastly two posts from me have drawn some attention this week so I'll list them here in case anyone missed them:

My post on tips for being good beta readers has really taken off like hot cakes. Find it here:

Excerpts from my debut novel "The Worker Prince" are out and generating buzz from the hits they receive. Here they are if you're interested:

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