Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Science Fiction And Fantasy Writer's Chat 3/30/11 with Jason Sanford

1:00 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS So are we ready to start this thing? #sffwrtcht
1:00 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Waiting on you, brother. :) #sffwrtcht
1:00 amsffwrtcht:Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Writer?s Chat. #sffwrtcht
1:00 amBryanThomasS:Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Writer?s Chat. #sffwrtcht
1:00 amsffwrtcht:Our goal is to talk w/ writers, editors, & others abt the craft of writing, specifically related to writing speculative fiction. #sffwrtcht
1:00 amBryanThomasS:Our goal is to talk w/ writers, editors, & others abt the craft of writing, specifically related to writing speculative fiction. #sffwrtcht
1:01 amsffwrtcht:Our format is round table discussion. Please restrict ?s to writing craft, business of writing & the specific works of the guest. #sffwrtcht
1:01 amBryanThomasS:Our format is round table discussion. Please restrict ?s to writing craft, business of writing & the specific works of the guest. #sffwrtcht
1:01 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS I'm good to go. #sffwrtcht
1:01 amsffwrtcht:Please wait until your question gets answered to ask another & use the hashtag #sffwrtcht for all questions and comments.
1:01 amBryanThomasS:Please wait until your question gets answered to ask another & use the hashtag #sffwrtcht for all questions and comments.
1:01 amsffwrtcht:Next Wed. we have @johnklima and on April 6, @inkedhistorian Carrie Cuinn, Publisher, Dagan Books #sffwrtcht
1:01 amBryanThomasS:Next Wed. we have @johnklima and on April 6, @inkedhistorian Carrie Cuinn, Publisher, Dagan Books #sffwrtcht
1:01 ampattyjansen:@BryanThomasS: yay #sffwrtcht is on!
1:01 amsffwrtcht:Our guest writes 1 out of 5 Interzone stories and other in Year's Best SF 14 , Analog, & Intergalactic Medicine Show #sffwrtcht
1:01 amBryanThomasS:Our guest writes 1 out of 5 Interzone stories and other in Year's Best SF 14 , Analog, & Intergalactic Medicine Show #sffwrtcht
1:01 amsffwrtcht:He founded the journal Story South and the Million Writers Award and spent time in the Peace Corp. #sffwrtcht
1:01 amBryanThomasS:He founded the journal Story South and the Million Writers Award and spent time in the Peace Corp. #sffwrtcht
1:02 amsffwrtcht:He's also a regular participant in #sffwrtcht. Welcome @jasonsanford !!!
1:02 amBryanThomasS:He's also a regular participant in #sffwrtcht. Welcome @jasonsanford !!!
1:02 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS Thanks for having me on. #sffwrtcht
1:02 amsffwrtcht:Jason recently had emergency surgery to repair a detached retina. Was it scary to have them operate on an eye? #sffwrtcht
1:03 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht Nope. That's what the "knocking you unconscious" part is for. More scary was the thought of losing my vision. #sffwrtcht
1:03 amBryanThomasS:You blogged about this today and how it cramped your lifestyle. Do they expect full vision to return? #sffwrtcht
1:04 amsandrawickham:@BryanThomasS *waves to @jasonsanford* #sffwrtcht
1:04 amsffwrtcht:Is this a surgery you?d recommend to other writers? #sffwrtcht
1:04 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS I'm hoping for a full return to vision. Right now that eye has less that 50%. But the docs say it looks good. #sffwrtcht
1:04 aminkedhistorian:RT @sffwrtcht: Next Wed. we have @johnklima and on April 6, @inkedhistorian Carrie Cuinn, Publisher, Dagan Books #sffwrtcht
1:05 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford So glad to hear it! And glad you're able to join us! Tell me to slow down if it gets blurry. #sffwrtcht
1:05 amshadowflame1974:@jasonsanford when will you know for sure? #sffwrtcht
1:06 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht As a writer, I was really worried about losing vision. If anyone gets a detached retina, don't wait to see the docs. #sffwrtcht
1:06 amjasonsanford:@shadowflame1974 Depends. The doc said it could be weeks or months before I know if the vision returns. #sffwrtcht
1:06 amjasonsanford:@sandrawickham Waves back. #sffwrtcht
1:06 amsffwrtcht:Please tell us about how you got into writing. Did you start young? #sffwrtcht
1:07 amBryanThomasS:@sandrawickham Thanks for joining us! #sffwrtcht
1:07 amunknownbinaries:RT @sffwrtcht: Next Wed. we have @johnklima and on April 6, @inkedhistorian Carrie Cuinn, Publisher, Dagan Books #sffwrtcht
1:07 amsandrawickham:@BryanThomasS I'm supposed to be working on my novel. Shhhhh. #sffwrtcht
1:07 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht I did start writing young. I've always loved stories. For some reason I resonate to stories. #sffwrtcht
1:08 amBryanThomasS:@Is writing a full time gig for you or do you do it between dayjobbing #sffwrtcht
1:08 amBryanThomasS:Has anyone seen @sandrawickham? Hmmm. I guess she's dedicated to writing tonight. I admire her discipline. #sffwrtcht
1:09 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht When I read or see a story, I automatically take it apart in my head. I like seeing what makes stories succeed / fail #sffwrtcht
1:09 amsffwrtcht:@jasonsanford Which probably makes you a good reviewer as well. #sffwrtcht
1:09 amBryanThomasS:What?s a typical writing day look like for you? Do you write daily after work? Get up early? #sffwrtcht
1:09 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS I have a dayjob to support the family. For some reason kids like having regular meals and a roof. #sffwrtcht
1:10 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford They're so demanding these kids today. We just weren't like that! #sffwrtcht
1:10 amBryanThomasS:@sandrawickham ;) I need the laughs tonight. #sffwrtcht
1:10 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS I tend to write in the evening after the kids go down. #sffwrtcht
1:11 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Which comes first?the character or their world? #sffwrtcht #sffwrtcht
1:11 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS I also tend to jump around a lot in my writing, working on multiple stories at the same time. #sffwrtcht
1:11 am2writeon:@jasonsanford Did you ever think you would become as well-known as you are as a science fiction writer? #sffwrtcht
1:11 amBryanThomasS:I do the same thing. Jumping around helps me prevent writer's block usually #sffwrtcht
1:12 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS Depends on the story. Sometimes a great character grabs me first. Other times it's the world. #sffwrtcht
1:12 amBryanThomasS:Does anybody else like to work on multiple things at once? #sffwrtcht
1:12 amsffwrtcht:Do you outline? Do character sketches? Or let the story unfold? #sffwrtcht
1:12 amBryanThomasS:@2writeon Great question! Thanks for joining us! #sffwrtcht
1:12 amshadowflame1974:@BryanThomasS Yep all the time. even switching into different art forms #sffwrtcht
1:12 amjasonsanford:@2writeon Yes and no. I always thought I'd eventually succeed as a write. But I don't think I'm there yet. #sffwrtcht
1:13 amsandrawickham:@BryanThomasS Weird thing for me, I'm an admitted addicted multi-tasker, but for writing, I have to stick to 1 thing at a time. #sffwrtcht
1:13 amjasonsanford:BTW, I want to give props to Angela of @2writeon. She's an old friend. We go way back. Thanks for joining us! #sffwrtcht
1:13 amBryanThomasS:@sandrawickham Well, you're not alone. I know others who are that way too. That's what's amazing about the writer community! #sffwrtcht
1:13 amBryanThomasS:Where do your ideas come from? #sffwrtcht
1:14 amdaganbooks:RT @sffwrtcht: Next Wed. we have @johnklima and on April 6, @inkedhistorian Carrie Cuinn, Publisher, Dagan Books #sffwrtcht
1:14 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht With short stories I rarely outline or sketch. But with longer works I have to do that. #sffwrtcht
1:14 amBryanThomasS:We're glad she could join us! #sffwrtcht
1:14 amatfmb:#sffwrtcht Um... I have way too many projects all the time... Novel or two, short stories, podcasts, blog posts...
1:14 amBryanThomasS:@2writeon Great. Have you had anything published? #sffwrtcht
1:15 amBryanThomasS:RT @2writeon: @BryanThomasS I have been lurking. I also work on multiples. Currently I am working on a script and a novel. #sffwrtcht
1:15 amsffwrtcht:Are there particular themes you find yourself revisiting time and again and why? #sffwrtcht
1:15 amjasonsanford:@atfmb And that's the downside to working on multiple projects--it's harder to finish any particular story. It's a balancing act #sffwrtcht
1:15 amBryanThomasS:@atfmb Yeah, you are the model multi-tasker, Patrick. :) #sffwrtcht
1:15 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford On the other hand, if you get stuck on one, you have plenty to keep you busy. #sffwrtcht
1:16 amatfmb:@jasonsanford #sffwrtcht True, but at the same time - if you get blocked/bored/frustrated with 1 project, you can grab another for a bit.
1:16 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS Ideas constantly flow around me. I get too many of the damn things to write them all. Life inspires me, I guess. #sffwrtcht
1:16 amBryanThomasS:RT @jasonsanford: @sandrawickham @BryanThomasS Working on multiple stories is indeed a great way to prevent writer's block. #sffwrtcht
1:17 am2writeon:@BryanThomasS many films, yes. As a matter of fact, it was @jasonsanford who published an essay of mine in StorySouth years ago. #sffwrtcht
1:17 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Awesome. I keep a running list of short story ideas. It's 7 pages right now. #sffwrtcht
1:17 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht Themes I return to include what makes us human and how culture, intellect, and technology influence our world. #sffwrtcht
1:18 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Interesting. As you know, I'm also fascinated by culture's influence and technology as well. #sffwrtcht
1:18 amBryanThomasS:Did your time in the Peace Corp influence your writing? #sffwrtcht
1:18 amBryanThomasS:RT @jasonsanford: @atfmb Agreed. That's why I like writing multiple stories at once. #sffwrtcht
1:19 am2writeon:RT @BryanThomasS: Did your time in the Peace Corp influence your writing? #sffwrtcht
1:19 amBryanThomasS:RT @jasonsanford: @BryanThomasS My Peace Corps time did influence my writing because it exposed me to a new outlook on the world. #sffwrtcht
1:19 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Where and when did you serve? #sffwrtcht
1:19 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS In Peace Corps, we call it the fishbowl effect. You're outside your culture and everyone constantly watches you #sffwrtcht
1:20 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford I know that feeling well. #sffwrtcht
1:20 amshadowflame1974:@jasonsanford and you in turn watch everyone ;) #sffwrtcht
1:20 amsffwrtcht:@jasonsanford What are some cultural differences you discovered through your time there watching, interacting, living? #sffwrtcht
1:20 amBryanThomasS:RT @jasonsanford: @BryanThomasS I served two years in Thailand back in the mid 1990s. Amphur Sena, Ayuttaya, Central Thailand. #sffwrtcht
1:21 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht My language ability as a Peace Corps Volunteer was poor, so I learned to understand people through other ways. #sffwrtcht
1:22 amBryanThomasS:Some examples please. #sffwrtcht
1:22 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS Like body language. I figured out which of my coworkers were having affairs before the rest of my Thai coworkers. #sffwrtcht
1:23 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford LOL A good talent to have in some situations! #sffwrtcht
1:23 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Do you think crosscultural experienced broadened your idea base, your character base and how you view the world? #sffwrtcht
1:24 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht I learned that at the core people are basically the same. But you overlook the non-core differences at your peril. #sffwrtcht
1:24 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford I know you reviewed it. Did reading @paolobacigalupi's "Wind-up Girl" evoke vivid memories? #sffwrtcht
1:24 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Boy, isn't that the truth. Any specific examples? #sffwrtcht
1:25 amJ_GriffinB:TRUE! RT @jasonsanford: I learned that at core people are basically the same. Overlook the non-core differences at your peril. #sffwrtcht
1:25 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS My cross-cultural experience massively broadened my worldview. Everyone should spend time outside their culture. #sffwrtcht
1:25 amBryanThomasS:@J_GriffinB Good to see you here! #sffwrtcht
1:25 am2writeon:@jasonsanford Have your children allowed you to take your writing into a multi-verse, or do they influence you at all? #sffwrtcht
1:26 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS @paolobacigalupi I felt The Windup Girl did a great job capturing a possible future Thai society and culture. #sffwrtcht
1:27 amsffwrtcht:Do you read a lot of world SF from outside the western worldview? #sffwrtcht
1:27 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford And as Paolo says, hopefully not one we ever see! #sffwrtcht
1:27 amsffwrtcht:Feel free to jump in with questions for @jasonsanford #sffwrtcht
1:28 amjasonsanford:@2writeon Having kids made me more aware of how powerful parental emotions/needs can be, which helps me evoke them in characters #sffwrtcht
1:28 amshadowflame1974:@jasonsanford Have you had them reenact a scene for you yet? #guiltymom #sffwrtcht
1:29 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht I read as much non-western SF as I can find. It's still tragically hard to find in the U.S. #sffwrtcht
1:30 amJ_GriffinB:@jasonsanford Is it mostly dominated by the Japanese? #sffwrtcht
1:30 amjasonsanford:@shadowflame1974 It never occurred to have them do that. But I like the idea of having the kids act out a scene. #sffwrtcht
1:30 amJ_GriffinB:@jasonsanford I couldn't. Too much cursing and mayhem. #sffwrtcht
1:30 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford What's a non-core difference between Thais & Americans which surprised you? #sffwrtcht
1:31 amJ_GriffinB:RT @jasonsanford: @J_GriffinB I some ways, yes. Most of the non-western SF I read or see does tend to come from Japan. #sffwrtcht
1:31 amshadowflame1974:@J_GriffinB advantage of teenagers ;) #sffwrtcht
1:31 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Yes it is. I am thankful for the @ApexBookCompany anthos edited by @lavietidhar#sffwrtcht
1:31 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS The attitude toward life. Thais have a more laid-back outlook, summarized by the phrase "Mai pen rai." #sffwrtcht
1:31 amsffwrtcht:Who are some favorite non-western SF writers you've read? #sffwrtcht Anyone you'd recommend who has work out in English?
1:31 amJ_GriffinB:@shadowflame1974 And you get them to cooprate how? ;-) #sffwrtcht
1:32 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS Being in Thailand really made me realize how "type-A" we Americans can be about everything. #sffwrtcht
1:32 amBryanThomasS:@J_GriffinB Kids love to playact! #sffwrtcht
1:33 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford LOL Lots of non-westerners are far more laid back. I wonder how they do it sometimes #sffwrtcht
1:33 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Oh man, you said a mouthful. We really are Type A's! #sffwrtcht
1:34 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford My Ghanaian and Brazilians friends find my normal stress level amusing and puzzling at the same time #sffwrtcht
1:35 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Number one puzzled, amused and annoyed is my wife, who's from Rio de Janeiro. #sffwrtcht
1:35 amshadowflame1974:@jasonsanford as a writer, what are you most proud of? #sffwrtcht
1:35 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht S.P. Somtow. Lavie Tidhar. Aliette de Bodard. Anything and everything by Hayao Miyazaki. #sffwrtcht
1:35 amBryanThomasS:RT @jasonsanford: @sffwrtcht S.P. Somtow. Lavie Tidhar. Aliette de Bodard. Anything and everything by Hayao Miyazaki. #sffwrtcht /Recommends
1:35 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Thanks! Two of those I have not yet read anything by! #sffwrtcht
1:36 amsffwrtcht:Tell us about story south. What?s it all about? #sffwrtcht
1:37 amjasonsanford:@shadowflame1974 As a writer, the story I'm most proud of is "Into the Depths of Illuminated Seas." #sffwrtcht
1:37 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford @sfsignal was gracious enough to ask me to guest review @lavietidhar next novel. Excited to read it! #sffwrtcht
1:37 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford When and where did that one appear so we can find it? #sffwrtcht
1:38 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht storySouth is a literary journal focusing on Southern Literature. I founded it with a poet @jakeadamyork. #sffwrtcht
1:39 amsffwrtcht:@jasonsanford Are you still editing and working on story south? #sffwrtcht
1:40 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS The story appeared, naturally, in Interzone. I'll be reprinting it shortly in an ebook collection. #sffwrtcht
1:40 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Awesome. We'll look forward to that! (See I wasn't kidding about 1 out of 5 Interzone stories, people!) #sffwrtcht
1:41 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Mike Resnick told me the difference between Analog and Asimov stories is (cont) #sffwrtcht
1:41 amBryanThomasS:Analog likes problems with solutions, and Asimov's likes problems with consequences. How would you define the Interzone story #sffwrtcht
1:42 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS @TTAPress Interzone has been very supportive of my fiction. I love them for that. They're also a great magazine. #sffwrtcht
1:43 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford That's awesome. Yep. I subscribed to it after hearing about your great stories in it. @ITAPress #sffwrtcht
1:45 amBryanThomasS:RT @jasonsanford: @BryanThomasS @TTAPress Would it be wrong to say Interzone stories are very much in the SciFi Strange mold? #sffwrtcht
1:45 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford I'd say that's a pretty apt description. #sffwrtcht @TTApress
1:45 amsffwrtcht:@jasonsanford So you're working on an ebook collection. What other projects are you working on? Any novels? #sffwrtcht
1:46 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht I plan to release a short story collection and a novella as ebooks. I'm also working on a fantasy novel. #sffwrtcht
1:47 amshadowflame1974:@jasonsanford will this be your first novel? #sffwrtcht
1:47 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford What type of fantasy? High? Epic? Urban? Low? Fantasy Strange? #sffwrtcht
1:47 amjasonsanford:@shadowflame1974 Yes, this will be my first novel. #sffwrtcht
1:48 amjamesenge:@jasonsanford I see from your bio that you've done some archeological work. Do you think it impacts your sf? #sffwrtcht
1:48 amshadowflame1974:@jasonsanford what are you finding different between short stories and the novel? #sffwrtcht
1:48 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS It's a fantasy set in the modern day along the Gulf Coast. But I hate the term urban fantasy. #sffwrtcht
1:48 amBryanThomasS:@jamesenge Great question! Thanks for joining us! Looking forward to our chat with you on 4/20. Enjoying your book! #sffwrtcht
1:49 amjasonsanford:@jamesenge Definitely. Storytelling is much the same as archeology. You brush away the dirt bit by bit until the story emerges. #sffwrtcht
1:49 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Yeah, urban fantasy definitely doesn't cover all modern fantasy. The term can be overused #sffwrtcht
1:49 amBryanThomasS:RT @jasonsanford: @jamesenge Definitely. Storytelling is much the same as archeology. You brush away the dirt bit by bit until the story emerges. #sffwrtcht
1:50 amsffwrtcht:@jasonsanford Is this novel part of a series or conceived as a standalone? #sffwrtcht
1:50 amjamesenge:@jasonsanford Great line! #sffwrtcht
1:50 amBryanThomasS:@jamesenge @jasonsanford Yep! That was the money quote! #sffwrtcht
1:50 amUvaUrsi:RT @jasonsanford: @jamesenge Definitely. Storytelling is much the same as archeology. You brush away the dirt bit by bit until the story emerges. #sffwrtcht
1:51 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS That's why I don't like the term urban fantasy. It's way overused. Almost generic. #sffwrtcht
1:51 amBryanThomasS:@jamesenge You'd think @jasonsanford was a writer or something... #sffwrtcht
1:52 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford How long have you been working on the novel? #sffwrtcht
1:53 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS I refuse to reveal how long I've been working on the novel on the grounds that it may embarrass me. :-) #sffwrtcht
1:54 amsffwrtcht:How long does it typically take you to write a short story? #sffwrtcht
1:54 amjamesenge:@BryanThomasS Thanks for the kind words! And fully agreed about @jasonsanford 's skill with them #sffwrtcht
1:54 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford ROFL Understood! #sffwrtcht
1:54 amshadowflame1974:@jasonsanford Hey no worries. Some stories need time to develop fully. #sffwrtcht
1:54 amsffwrtcht:5 minutes left in #sffwrtcht. Get your questions in for @jasonsanford while you can.
1:55 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford I have one that took me 9 months 1st draft. But the one I sold was in the works for 25 years #sffwrtcht
1:56 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS You can't push a story faster than it needs to grow. #sffwrtcht
1:57 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford And every time I look at it I think "it should be better after 25 years" #sffwrtcht
1:57 amjamesenge:@jasonsanford "Urban fantasy" drives me nuts too. Is there a better term for fantasy set in the modern world, do you think? #sffwrtcht
1:57 amBryanThomasS:@jamesenge @jasonsanford Does anyone use the term modern fantasy as a genre indicator? #sffwrtcht
1:58 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS Someone once told me the story you write will never be as good as the story you see in your head. So true. #sffwrtcht
1:58 amBryanThomasS:RT @jasonsanford: @BryanThomasS You can't push a story faster than it needs to grow. #sffwrtcht / Infinitely quotable @jasonsanford
1:58 amjasonsanford:@jamesenge I don't think there is. At least with urban fantasy people know what you mean. #sffwrtcht
1:58 am2writeon:@jasonsanford @BryanThomasS thank you, have really enjoyed this! Can't wait to read the novel, Jason. #sffwrtcht
1:59 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford I agree. & th\at's why I may never feel anything is totally done but you have to let them out into the wrld to live #sffwrtcht
1:59 am2writeon:RT @BryanThomasS: RT @jasonsanford: @BryanThomasS You can't push a story faster than it needs to grow. #sffwrtcht / Infinitely quotable @jasonsanford
1:59 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS @jamesenge I don't think anyone uses modern fantasy as a genre designator. #sffwrtcht
1:59 amjasonsanford:@2writeon Thanks. Now if I can just finish the damn thing. :-) #sffwrtcht
2:00 amjamesenge:@BryanThomasS @jasonsanford I guess it could mean fantasy written now as well as set now--too ambiguous. #sffwrtcht
2:01 am2writeon:@jasonsanford You shall. Just hope it does not take 20 years! :) #sffwrtcht
2:01 amjasonsanford:@jamesenge @BryanThomasS Part of the problem with using the term "modern" is it's associated with 20th century movements. #sffwrtcht
2:02 amshadowflame1974:@jasonsanford thanks take care of that eye and goodluck on the novel #sffwrtcht
2:02 am2writeon:@jasonsanford @BryanThomasS :waves furiously at you both: Lurking is done, must step back to a script. Be well. #sffwrtcht
2:03 amBryanThomasS:Sorry. Laptop died for no reason and rebooted. #sffwrtcht
2:03 amjasonsanford:@shadowflame1974 @2writeon Thanks for taking part in this. #sffwrtcht
2:04 amsffwrtcht:Jason, thanks for being our guest tonight! Good luck with your recovery! Any final thoughts? #sffwrtcht
2:04 amsffwrtcht:Next week, editor @johnklima From Electric Velocidpede is our guest! #sffwrtcht
2:04 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS @jasonenge I could totally get into starting a new genre. :-) #sffwrtcht
2:05 amBryanThomasS:@2writeon Thanks for coming! Happy writing! #sffwrtcht
2:05 amBryanThomasS:RT @BryanThomasS: @jasonsanford Maybe yours could be the first modern fantasy. Start a new genre! @jasonenge #sffwrtcht
2:05 amjasonsanford:@sffwrtcht I'm too tired for final thoughts. But I'm always open to questions and comments. People know how to reach me. #sffwrtcht
2:05 am2writeon:@jasonsanford @BryanThomasS @sffwrtcht I could go for a modern fantasy movement. #sffwrtcht
2:05 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS Thanks for having me on. #sffwrtcht
2:06 amjamesenge:@jasonsanford @BryanThomasS As long as it doesn't have the "-punk" suffix! Great conversation tonight. Wish I'd delurked earlier. #sffwrtcht
2:06 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS Bye all. I'm signing off and going to bed. My eye and body needs to rest. #sffwrtcht
2:08 amBryanThomasS:@jasonsanford Give us your website link if you will please. #sffwrtcht
2:09 amsffwrtcht:Thanks all for joining us! @jasonsanford Thanks! Sorry we wore you out but it sure was a great chat! #sffwrtcht
2:10 amsffwrtcht:The transcript will be up on @BryanThomasS blog in an hour from #sffwrtcht with @jasonsanford
2:10 amjasonsanford:@BryanThomasS #sffwrtcht
2:11 amJ_GriffinB:@jasonsanford Thanks for your visit! #sffwrtcht (Damn these hashtags and my forgetful nature)
2:11 amBryanThomasS:@J_GriffinB It's not the #sffwrtcht It's you! LOL
2:12 amBryanThomasS:@jamesenge LOL modernpunk fantasy! #sffwrtcht
2:12 amBryanThomasS:@jamesenge Thanks for delurking! #sffwrtcht
2:36 amJ_GriffinB:@BryanThomasS Of course. I can't type my way out of a paper bag today. Bad news last night, dontcha know. #sffwrtcht

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